There is a statutory warranty rights for goods. 
Contract: Unless expressly declared differently stated, be offered or sold by M-ware @ Electronics used goods. Sold only in commercial quantities. 
Property Rights: The commodity remains until the complete payment property of the seller.
Price information: The total price of the goods including all taxes and duties is specified for each offer. 
Shipping Information: if shipping & returns are additional incurred, these are indicated on the price. 
Lead time: We ship no later than the second working day after receipt of payment. The delivery date depends also available after the shipping time. This is for German delivery addresses according to experience two business days. The delivery will thus expected to reach the fourth business day after payment receipt. Detailed information on delivery times can be found at this URL: (please copy this URL into your browser address bar). 
Payment: The payment methods Amazon Payments, bank tranfer, credit card (via Skrill) and PayPal are eligible for the payment of goods and services ordered. Company headquartered in Germany can also be supplied on invoice with 30 days of payment upon presentation of a valid VAT identification number. 
Technical steps for contract conclusion: By pressing the corresponding screen switch (button), you can select a category and within this one article. By pressing the button "Add to basket" to put this product to the cart. Pressing "Continue Shopping" to continue shopping. With "Checkout" to get an overview of your shopping cart. Here you can change the quantity of the selected items, or delete items. In this step, you can select the payment method and set. You will be prompted to order your personal data, such as name and delivery address to enter or log in with your e-mail address and your personal password. This requires prior registration. If you have logged in before the ordering process, the step of entering the personal order information is skipped because you have this already entered when you registered. By pressing the button "Buy" to order compulsory and free of charge. 
Warranty and guarantee conditions, liability, customer service: There are no implied warranty of the different warranty conditions. Warranty conditions for our part do not exist. For defective goods, we shall be entitled at its discretion to subsequent delivery of a defect-free product or for rectification. If a replacement or repair is not possible, the purchaser can demand a price reduction or cancellation of the contract at its own discretion. In the latter case he is obliged to complete return of the goods. The guarantee is void if the customer knew the error when concluding the contract or was not aware due to gross negligence. Function impairment in sold hardware / software resulting from the hardware / software environment, misuse, defective external data, computer network malfunction or other provided by the customers coming from the risk of the customer reasons, do not constitute defects. The customer is obliged to take appropriate measures in the event that the hardware / software in whole or in part is not working properly. He will therefore review the hardware / software on their usability and compatibility with the intended purpose, before he uses them. He will also secure its data according to the prior art. The purchaser's rights, in particular general damages claims remain unaffected. Our customer service can be reached at in the Provider Identification (Imprint) telephone number and at the address specified there. 
Information on storage and accessibility: We store the contents of the contract confirmation email that contains the text of the treaty. To save the contract text permanently, you should save the contract confirmation mail and print. When a contract is look at the contractual provisions including the Terms and Conditions on the screen. Immediately after the conclusion you get those notified by e-mail. Thus we give you the option to save the contract including the terms and conditions on a durable medium by for example save the sent to you sent us by e-mail or make a screenshot of the offer. In addition, we advise you to ensure that you print out each shown on the screen and keep this offer. 
Detection and correction of input errors: An effective and accessible technical means to correct input errors, the "page back" button of your browser is which you can use to correct a mistake.. That is as long as possible, until you press "Buy". Another effective technical means for the detection of errors is input, for example, the zoom function when viewing your browser. The detection of input errors requires that you make sure and self-control, that what you eg via the keyboard or mouse also corresponds to what you want. Ask yourself whether what is desired and the match entered. Otherwise, cancel the operation. So check your spelling before you finally press "Buy". Additional help can be found by going through the moderated by written instructions ordering process. Please verify in particular the quantities in the shopping cart for accuracy before pressing "Buy". 
Language of the contract, applicable law: For the contract can be the language of German. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany. We submit ourselves to any codes of conduct. 
Notes pursuant to § 18 Battery Law: 
Batteries can be returned after use to the retail outlet. End-users are legally obliged to return used batteries. The symbol with the crossed out wheeled bin (. § 17 Section 1 of the Battery Act) has the following meaning: Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. (. § 17 para 3 Battery Act) The chemical character of the metals have the following meanings: "Hg" is mercury (Hydrargyrum), "Cd" indicates cadmium and "Pb" means Lead (Plumbum). You can change the batteries at how the imprint (Anbieterkennzeichung) stated return. 
Information, display and Notes by Telemedia Act: We teach you hereby referred Telemedia Act (TMG) that we collect personal data by electronic data processing (EDP) required in the for the purpose of founding, or modification of the contract (purchase) scope, process and utilize. We show that we your data in the required for the purchase amount of plentySystems GmbH, Bürgermeister-Brunner Str. 15, 34117 Kassel (, forward. In addition, we will not give your data to third parties! For information or explanation please contact the provider under the identification (Imprint) specified address to us. We have your rights in accordance with § 13 para. 2 no. 4 TMG out that you can revoke your consent for the future in the collection, processing and use of your data at any time. This revocation can you explain also e-mail us. Our e-mail address, refer to the Provider Identification (Imprint).
Consumption Information:
We are ready to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer sacking agency.
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