Hardware Purchase

Collection and purchase of hardware components

We at M-ware® Electronics are interested in your no longer required hardware components of all kinds, including:

  • used hardware components or complete PCs,
  • decommissioned stocks and reserves, new and used,
  • Radio tubes, especially from the workshops resolutions,
  • Phones, including landline phones, IP phones, system phones.

We offer you fair prices.

You want to offer us a post hardware?

Call us at Tel. +49-170-8964124 or send an email to ankauf@m-ware.de. We will contact you immediately.

Netzteil     Matrox Grafikkarte     IP Telefon

Maxtor Festplatte      Diskettenlaufwerk    Radioröhre von Telefunken


Why should you bring no longer necessary hardware components to us?

There are many good reasons for:

  • we buy your computer parts, clean and inspect them before they are registered and stored professionally,
  • we perform your components with prospective continue to use these,
  • with certain computer components you make collectors and hobbyists great joy,
  • older spare parts are urgently sought again and again in business and industry,
  • your still working computer parts will be saved from destruction,
  • this is good for the ecological balance and protects our environment,
  • and finally paying off your involvement in euros and cents.