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Electronic Components 

First, components used in electronics are distinguished according to whether they are actively or passively. 

Passive components such as resistors, capacitors, coils and relay. 

Active Components for example, amplify signals (radio tubes, transistors) or interpret signals (logic circuits). 

Integrated Circuits (IC) 

In integrated circuits, a variety of active and passive components are housed. 


Processors are a special form of integrated circuits. They are available as CPU for computers, as a control chip for the controller or as the centerpiece of graphics cards such as the legendary ET6000 chip by Tseng Labs

ET6000 Graphics Chipset by Tseng Labs

There are also quite a few, mostly older processors, which are now highly sought after by collectors. This is partly to particular model series, test series or even prototypes: 

CPU Prozessor IDT 79R4000PC-50G 9223C Prototype          Back side of IDT 79R4000PC-50G 9223C Prototype


Other components 

In addition to the individual components, each only a basic function representing (resistor, capacitor, electron tube) we are dealing with assemblies. Assemblies provide a relatively simple interchangeability. This includes, for example display units. such as the Optrex America Inc DMC40457 LCD display. The display module also includes an integrated control unit: 

Optrex America Inc DMC40457 LCD Display Modul 40x4       Optrex America Inc DMC40457 back side of LCD display

In addition to modules, we lead in the category "Further Components": 

  • Transformers
  • DC / DC converter
  • measuring instruments
  • Connectors, couplers, connectors
  • IC socket
  • Variable Capacitors
  • Trimpots
  • Microcontrollers