Riser Boards and Riser Cables

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About Riser Boards and Cables

A graphics card does not fit into the PCI-Express slot on your desktop computer, because the height is too big? In such and similar cases a riser card can often help. 

90° Riser

In the simplest case, a riser from a board that is plugged into the provided card slot. On the board a card slot is also arranged, which changes the direction of installation for the intended expansion card 90 °. This can be high cards are installed horizontally and fit so well in very flat housing. Here is an example of a 90 ° -Riser: 

 90° riser

Flexible Riser 

With a more universal use allow flexible riser. This power strip and slot using flat cables are connected. These provide much more flexibility for the positioning of connectable expansion card: 

flexible riser


Risers and cables are available for different bus systems. Mostly they are available for the PCI and PCI-Express bus, for the latter in different transmission widths 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x: 

PCI riser

PCIe 4x riser 

PCIe 16x riser

Riser Adapter 

As a special form Riserboards are available, making it possible to connect, for example, a PCI-Express card with a PCI card slot: 

PCIe to PCI riser