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USB (Universal Serial Bus) Interface

Standard development:

  • USB1.1: 1.5Gb/sec
  • USB2.0: 3Gb/sec
  • USB3.0 (with blue plugs): 6Gb/sec

With cables, adapters and converters you can:

  • connect devices as keyboards, mouses, gamepads, hdd's, CD-DVD-bluray drives, floppies, monitors and a lot of gadgets
  • create interfaces as RS232/RS422/RS485, parallel ports, FireWire ports.

You can use USB:

  • to connect USB-Sticks for LAN, WLAN, internet, bluetooth,
  • to use dongles and password sticks
  • as power supply

USB adapters/concerters are available for:

  • SATA / mSATA
  • 40p IDE / 44p Mini IDE
  • SCSI
  • FireWire
  • VGA and DVi
  • ethernet