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In addition to current SATA HDD but we also carry many different IDE hard drives, SCSI hard drives, 80-pin SCA hard drives. Even current SAS hard drives or ZIF hard drives are here usually in stock, thus immediately available. Please just visit our respective subcategories, if you are looking for SCSI hard drives, IDE hard drives or ZIF HDD.

SATA HDD, what harddisk an abbreviation for SATA or SATA hard drives, we introduce both desktop computers and laptops. So you will (in. SATA hard drives 2.5) find in pretty much any size you want and model name with us even in the search for a SATA notebook hard drive, whether you're a new mini-IDE hard drive or a SATA hard disk need for the laptop. There are several reasons for the acquisition of SATA hard drives, SATA HDD or SATA hard disk also called into question. Sometimes just does your space on your existing old SATA hard drive no longer to be able to both store all the data, but also to the computer to provide enough space for his temporary swap file. If in fact your free hard disk space for your swap file is too small, the computation speed of the computer slows down dramatically; In extreme cases, your computer will no longer responds when you make inputs. One possibility is that you were on your desktop computer followed by a further internal or external SATA hard drive to expand its storage capacity. You created yourself files should be primarily stored in the partitions of these additional SATA hard drive. This relieves the one SATA hard drive which contains the operating system (and usually also its swap file). In general, the operating system in the C drive is applied. The addition to be connected SATA hard drive in this case does not correspond to the already existing in the computer or laptop model. About the SATA standard interface, all data can be easily replaced. You should consider before buying a new SATA hard drive to make sure that the needed SATA ports are available for connecting your new SATA hard drives to the motherboard in sufficient numbers. This also still SATA data cables and cables for the power supply for your SATA hard drives are required. However, if you intend to replace your forth become too small in terms of their capacity SATA hard drive with new SATA hard drives, we recommend the following:


Select the exchange at least twice its now existing storage capacity

Due to the fact that they are working more and more with images and particularly well with videos, since there is now much more memory space than it was a year or two. The same consideration is recommended if defective SATA HDD should be replaced. Even in this situation, it makes sense to double the existing size.

Notebooks usually contain IDE hard disk drives or SATA hard drives. SCSI hard disks are used rarely in notebooks. Until the 1990s Mini IDE hard drives (IDE 44p) were used in laptops almost exclusively, From 2002, increasingly SATA hard drives were used. The more modern SATA interface of SATA hard drives allows much higher data throughput rates compared to IDE drives. The data transmission speed with SATA HDD is even superior to that of a SCSI hard disk far. Had initially IDE hard disks only in capacities of 10MB few, bring it current SATA hard drives up to a terabyte. for larger hard drives up to four terabytes currently (as of 2012) a new interface standard was developed, namely the SAS interface. SAS hard drives, respectively. SAS HDD are now also used in servers and trigger the most 80-pin SCSI hard drives from, called SCA hard drives with a 80-pin connector.

Since mechanically working SATA hard drives physically subject to limits as to read and write speed, and SSD are now being produced with SATA connector. For this too, please contact us right adapter with which you can use SSD instead of SATA notebook hard drives. The speed advantage of SSD is enormous, but not without risk. SSD fall with a defect usually made immediately, the data loss will immediately and fully to fruition. The SATA hard drive, however, make mistakes gradually and gradually becomes increasingly noticeable in most cases. With timely exchange can usually saved all the data stored and transferred to a different medium, thanks to the automatic internal error correction. If you mirror your data to increase security with a RAID system, it is highly advisable to use the same size for SATA hard drives. This should then also match your model number if possible.