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Accumulators are energy storage on an electro-chemical basis. They are mostly used in computer technology for laptops, netbooks and tablets, as they are used primarily mobile and it is not always a power supply possible. There are relevant differences in design and performance, which should be considered when choosing. The "Accus" are usually made of lithium-ion battery packs, since the use of nickel-cadmium batteries is banned in Europe. The higher the power consumption is, the higher the capacity should be, in order to achieve the longest possible operating life. There are different Lithium-ion battery available. They differ in their performance, depending on the material used for the electrodes.

The battery-subgroups:

  • Lithium-polymer battery 
  • Lithium-Cobaltdioxid accumulator 
  • Lithium-titanate battery 
  • Lithium-air accumulator 
  • Lithium manganese dioxide battery 
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery 
  • Tin-sulfur-lithium-ion battery


A more detailed description for the most battery's is, however, not clearly declared by the manufacturer yet. You will find some selected battery's in our category Equipment.