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The arrangements to ensure we have-in contrast to the (voluntary) warranty promise- to do it with minimum legal requirements. Thus, the implied warranties may not be advertised. 

Content of implied warranties 

Must be determined equal to the beginning: the guarantee and warranty terms are interchanged so lively and confused that many contemporaries are convinced there always were dealing with one and the same issue in our society. An error that can have far-reaching consequences. We therefore want to operate at this point even some reconnaissance work and provide for more clarity. 

You can assume that online retailer you usually only the legal guarantee commitments (for certain products may also, of course, also a manufacturer's warranty exist). This is to be considered separately, however. We encourage you to take a look at our guide "guarantee" (via the link at the top of this article) 

The legislature determines that you as a buyer to the seller of virgin products two years have statutory warranty claims. For second-hand, the warranty period is one year. 

The real problem lies in the details 

Set within the first six months after purchase a lack of the purchased item fixed, the legislature makes it easy for you: it is assumed that the observed deficiency in the purchase of the products already existed. So that you can make your claims fairly straightforward to repair, if necessary, conversion or redemption against purchase price refund claims. 

Adapts to a lack reklamierender after the first six months have passed after the purchase, the bar is even higher now, the burden of proof is reversed. This means that now you have to prove as a buyer, that the alleged fault existed when you purchase the item. 

The statutory warranty therefore address only those defects that were already made when you purchase the product. If these are but later found and reclaimed, the above mentioned six-month period is mandatory to be considered. 

Please note that this article only reflects the opinion of the author. The topic is presented clearly, but simplified. The requirements for a legal advice can not and should not therefore be meet.