Shipping and Handling

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Shipping and Handling fees

What are direct costs, the total cost of shipping your order, such? 

Shipping costs represent by far not, as is commonly often assumed, only the delivery charges for sending a mail piece. Rather, it includes all costs are included, which are additionally spend for postage to prepare a program for sending and subsequently handed over to the logistics company for shipping. 

Hard-working postman on tour

For most products, an additional shipping carton will be needed in most cases, the need to buy and use at least one multi consignor regularly. Often in the shipping container and packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing chips needed, just to name a few for securing the article to be sent. These have of course a price to be calculated affects the shipping costs. Today many modern packaging is required, taking account of the requirements of environmental protection, but are also customer friendly by being open easily and without tools. Packaging with tear strips have become particularly popular, but come at a price. 

Also, the process of packaging is not available for free. Finally it is here for a job, is spending for the reward. Goods must be taken out of the warehouse, are then provided with a suitable shipping container. In need of items with matching filler materials must be wrapped in order to prevent damage in transit as much as possible. The finished shipping container must be closed, for example, purchased directly for this purpose tape. Subsequently, the shipping container must be marked with the recipient's address. This happens today mostly by applying a printed label. As a final process before the shipment leaves the house, she must at least in uninsured mail, franked correctly. That she can finally begin the journey to your recipient, the goods must be transported to the nearest post office then often. Again, arise again costs which are included in the shipping price. 

As can be seen, a number of different cost elements come together, the first together result in the net shipping price. On the determined from the relevant individual costs sum of the entrepreneur has then also add the sales tax and remit the sales tax portion of his tax office. Currently (as of 2014) is the sales tax, often referred to as VAT, in Germany at 19%. 

Free Shipping 

In recent years, the concept of "free shipment" naturalized. By this is certainly certainly not understand that the shipping does not cost anything more. By the to be calculated Shipping costs are included in the purchase price of an item, provides the, albeit not quite correct, but actually term for more transparency, especially when shopping online: is for the customers of the designated products the price of the final price to be paid. He must obtain a offer that free shipping undertakes not have to worry about how much the purchase price will increase by adventitious shipping costs. Especially for items in low price range that is not to be underestimated. 

Often customers will also get free shipping offered if your order reaches a certain minimum value. This can motivate, perhaps to buy a matching item to reach this threshold. From this effect is comparable with a volume discount.