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2015: 11 new motives/values, among them two further supplement stamps

After the great success of the seven revisions in the Jubilee year 2014 even eleven new brands will be launched this year. All stamps will be on sheets of 20 pieces now.

We start the first issue in 2015 on 11 February with the already known "European". In 2012 this motive was printed first with a value of 90ct. Now, in 2015 the equal motive comes in a 400 pieces edition in a new color design for a further postage value. With light blue background is the subject of Lothar Otto, now also determined with the signature of the graphic designer, now for the franking of compact letters to 85 cents. Now that we have previously introduced the production patterns that produce stamps can now be viewed here::

4 cartoon postage stamps "European" á 85ct. postage value, 2015


Already on Friday, February 13, 2015 fit was followed by two further editions. Also this year we put back new supplement brands, namely to 4 cents a design "Ladybug outgoing" and with a postage value of 7 cents the new "7 Dwarfs" motive. The designs for both brands were created by Ioan "NEL" Cozacu. The circulation is only 200 pieces per postage rates.

The marks are provided for franking with previous 55ct.- and 58ct. brands. The additional use of our new supplement brands 2015 standard letters can franked with 62ct. be franked. The final stamps can be seen from the issue here:

2 cartoon postage stamps "Ladybug 1", value 4ct., 2015, mint2 cartoon postage stamps "The 7 Dwards" á 7ct. postage value, 2015, mint


For the first time since the first edition of 2012, the Indian motive is reprinted with 500 units this year. Now -next to the current year value- the signature of Lothar Otto is also inserted here:

4 cartoon postage stamps "Indian (US)" á 145ct. postage value, 2015


The next new motiv (first issue date February 20, 2015) is provided for the franking of large international letters. The flying ladybug to 345 cents (edition of 400 pieces) derived in turn from NEL:

3 cartoon postage stamps "Ladybug 2" á 345ct. postage value, 2015, mint


Our Easter series is also reprinted in 2015. The value for standard letters (motive Easter yellow) was increased to 62 cents. In addition, there is the already known Ostermotiv now available in a blue version as 145-cent stamp for large letters. The pads are 200 pieces for the 62ct.- and 145ct. value. Inception for both values is 2 March 2015th.

In addition, this year 400 pcs. stamps are spent to 240 cents, already in the second edition showing our Easter motive. Now it shows -in three color dessins- for the first time the signature from the graphic artist Lothar Otto:


5 cartoon postage stamps "Easter yellow" á 62ct. postage value, 2015, mint4pcs. Postage Stamps Easter bunny blue 145ct. 2015, mint3 cartoon postage stamps "Easter green" á 240ct., mint, 2015


Prior to the 11th anniversary of M-ware® Electronics two stamp motives with particularly high postage values are launched for the first time on Friday, March 13, 2015. The design "Africans" is provided with a value of 560 cents for enrolled international large letters. Circulation: 200 pieces. However, the most significant value indicates the new whale motive of NEL in a blue-green color variant. With 915 cents this stamp has themost high postage value of this series. We put on a stamp with the most expensive postage ever used in Germany for the mail delivery. The value is valid for a registered Maxi Mail International. This value comes in a very small edition; only 180 pieces produced with the appealing maritime motive:

2 cartoon postage stamps "African" á 560ct. postage value, 2015, mint2 cartoon postage stamps "Whale" á 915ct. postage value, 2015, mint


Again by Otto Lother the newly added Chinese was done, which is to continue with 28 cents postage postal info. The first edition has a circumference of 520 copies:

Cartoon postage stamp "Chinese" á 285ct. postage value, 2015, mint


As has been the Easter motives, also our Christmas series, a 145-cent stamp was added. This shows a Santa Claus motive known with a yellow background. The value for standard letters increases from 60 to 62 cents. This means that this year Christmas stamps to 62 cents (200 marks for standard letters), 145 cents (200 marks for large letters) and 240 cents (400 marks for maxi letters) available:

Cartoon postage stamp "Santa Claus" á 62ct. postage value, 2015, mintCartoon postage stamp "Santa Claus" á 145ct. postage value, 2015, mintCartoon postage stamp "Santa Claus" á 240ct. postage value, 2015, mint


In the June issue of 2015 (issue No. 5) reported the "Deutsche Brriefmarken-Revue" about our new publications 2015:


The "Deutsche Briefmarken-Revue" reports about the cartoon postage stamp edition 2015 by M-ware® Electronics

We wish all our customers and collectors much pleasure with the new designs and expenses.


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