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Than mechanical drives data reader and storage devices, in computer technology, which work with rotating storage media and are driven by a motor.

This includes hard drives. This we have dedicated due to the special importance and the extensive differentiation interfaces to a dedicated page hard drives.

Classification of drives

The subdivision of drives can be carried out strictly according to the factual connection, but also to the storage media. We have chosen a practical mixed subdivision here:

  • Blue-Ray drives (read and write)
  • CD-burner (Read and Write)
  • CD-ROM drives (read-only devices)
  • Floppy drives
  • DVD drives
  • Tape Drives
  • USB drives

Blu-Ray drives are optical drives with digital storage. The storage capacity is 25GB (single layer) or 50GB (dual layer) compared to CD and DVD extremely high.

CD Burners

CDROM Drives

Floppy Disk Drives (FDD)

DVD Drives

Tape Drives, long time have been professionally used for regular backup of large amounts of data. The data is stored on a removable tape cartridge. This makes it possible, regular, e.g. make daily backups and store the recorded tapes in a safe place.

USB Drives

Drives with USB port

This includes drives of all kinds, which can be operated externally via a USB port. For most devices, this USB cable is sufficient that only one port is in use on your PC or notebook. Only when the burner, it may be necessary to use a special USB cable that is equipped on the PC side with two plugs. By plugging in two USB connectors required for the burner higher power consumption can be realized. It should also be noted that for USB3.0 drives the matching USB3.0 cables are used to actually exploit the possible transmission speed can. With USB3.0 components plugs and sockets are default blue.

Usually drives are today housed in very narrow slimline housings. Thus they can be readily stored and transported, for example, in your notebook bag or even in your pocket.

Available are currently on:

  • USB Blu-Ray Drives
  • USB CD Burners
  • USB CD-Rom Drives
  • USB Floppy Disk Drives
  • USB DVD Drives