VGA standard

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The VGA standard transmits analog signals. Until about 2005 was as good as any graphics card, respectively. Monitor on the market equipped with a VGA connector. Since about 2005, is being increasingly implemented us the more digital DVI standard. Many graphics cards and monitors have since provided with both VGA and DVI ports. Since about 2010 VGA ports are increasingly less available to those components. In addition DVI ports HDMI connections are reinforced designed also with digital signal transmission. Another new standard for video interfaces is the DisplayPort, which is bidirectional and also allows the transmission of audio signals.

VGA connector (female)

The VGA plugs and sockets are standard colored blue, as shown in the figure below (left). Deviating but can also be isolated black colored VGA ports.

Compaq has developed from the standard 15-pin VGA connector introduce its own standard with a blind pin, which thus has only 14 pins. This is black in color.

VGA-Buchse   Compaq VGA-Buchse mit einem Blindpin

VGA connector 15p (male)

Also VGA connectors are standard fair colored blue, with three rows of contacts, each with 5 pins:


VGA-Stecker 15-polig male

Practical tip

If once there is a need a VGA cable to the one shown below 15-pin connector with a 14-pin VGA connector Compaq (pictured above right) to connect, the solution is quite simple: the excess pin that the mating prevented simply be cancelled, it doen not transmit data.