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Guarantee and warranty are two terms that are not always used correctly even by experts. Its meaning is very different, although these two terms are often used synonymously used for a seemingly identical facts. Therefore, to be explained again in detail in this guide, what's behind a warranty promise and the implied warranty actually hides. 

On this page we explain what is meant in the legal sense under a warranty. 


Statutory or voluntary additional power? 

A guarantee is actually a voluntary service. Especially often we find promise warranty for the manufacturers of products. A guarantee is a going beyond legal requirements amenity. Advertising with guarantees is generally used to give the product a competitive advantage. A statutory right to a guarantee there is not. Advertises a company with a guarantee, it is of course also bound in full to the commitments expressed therein. 

A guarantee is beyond the scope of the guarantee rights. The latter stuck on only a minimum legal framework of the liability. 

In addition to the fairly frequent 2-year warranty there are companies that significantly longer warranty periods give to your products, such as three, five or six years. For other products will occasionally even promised a lifetime warranty. Within the promised warranty period equipment can be repaired or exchanged free of charge, for example, at one-onset defect. In addition, other commitments are possible, such as a collection and delivery service. 

However, those who expected all these above mentioned commitments already in the statutory warranty does not succeed. Just because the now common expectation seems to pretend that statutory warranty and guarantee are actually one and the same, the disappointment can be great, if it is found only at a present complaint, which claims may be asserted here actually. Especially in online trading in most cases applies only to the statutory warranty. You are well advised if you inform yourself before buying if your contractor only accepts the implied warranties or whether he makes an exceeding warranty promise. You thus avoid false expectations for the event that some time after the acquisition, the quality of a product is to be claimed. 

Please note that this article only reflects the opinion of the author. The issue will only simplifies and not presented with the claim for completeness and accuracy in detail. The high demands on legal advice should not and can not therefore be meet.

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