Postage Stamps Leipzig

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Postage Stamps: our Cartoon Series "... von Leipzig in alle Welt" ("... from Leipzig to each corner of the word")

Postage Cartoon Stamp Indian Motive


For this, only tiny measuring 33x55mm art object, as we find appropriate quote from the German poet F.W.Bernstein:

    "Wichtig ist das Kleinformat,                "The important thing is the small format,

    weil's uns was zu sagen hat.                because it has to say something.

    Große Bilder zeigen                               Large Images shows

    Farb und Form und schweigen."         Color and shape, and remain silent."  


The story of our own brand series begins in 2012. This year the starting shot fall for a cartoon series, every year will be extended by new designs. The idea was created a few years earlier. In 2009 launched the program "brand Individual" by German Post. Since then, you can let print stamps by DPAG with your own designs. 

Our demands on the motives are high. Correspondingly long does the preparation. In 2011, then a graphic artist was found convincing whose designs: Lothar Otto from Leipzig. He designed a series of humorous postmen, the "around the world" unsubscribe our packages. This results in the first year very beautiful motives: an Indian (India), a cowboy, a European, an Indian (US) and a Santa Claus with print runs from 1000 to 7000 pieces. The short runs are oriented to our own needs. The 2013 series also contains the first supplementary stamp in a very small edition of 200 pieces. Numerous other motives follow. In the second half of 2019, the next twenty cartoon motives will be released. The Cartoon brands our mail shipments will now be visually enhanced to prepare our customers already on receipt of your order a little extra joy. 

We experienced an unexpected interest in the marks and by collectors. Therefore, stamps and First Day Covers will soon be available for purchase in our webstore

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